Monday, December 5, 2016

Ostavi sve

Some of you may have seen preview of this outfit on Instagram.. There’s always a new way to use scallops and it looks like I’ll never get bored with this cute detail.. The blouse and the skirt are both my makes with selfdrafted patterns.. 

The blouse is my version of this button-down blouse I found on Pinterest.. I liked the simple look of V neckline and scalloped collar.. I was lazy to look for a blouse pattern that would be similar to this one, and I decided to draft my own using a basic top pattern.. To make things simpler for me, the scalloped collar is only at front of the blouse.. There’s nothing going on at the back.. Drafting went easily, I got everything right at start.. I used light gray rayon fabric and pearl buttons..

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Look At This Instagram

It’s official.. I started my instagram profile.. I’ve been preparing for this step since March this year, when these photos were taken.. Somehow, I always had something else to do.. And to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this social media.. Busy life showed me that I don’t have time to write posts for all garments I’ve made.. Also it’s nice to have a space to show lovely furry and spikey creatures to those who like pets.. For all those of you who are interested you can follow me @lejditea 

I’m aware that not everyone is a pet lover.. If you’re interested in story about my two pets, please continue reading.. If not, in next post I'll return with one of my newest sewing projects.. 

When you have a cat for a pet it’s hard to find another little creature that would easily coexist with feline.. Since I was 13 year-old I had a cat at home and I cannot imagine life without one.. Almost 10 years ago, in a newly opened large Pet store in Belgrade, for the first time I saw African pigmy hedgehogs and it was love at first sight.. I immediately knew that it was the perfect pet that could survive with a cat for a roommate.. The price was the only problem stopping me from having one.. Years have passed, I never got to adopt a real hedgie.. For an example, one of my exes gave me for a present stuffed hedgehog so I would stop talking about real one!! 

Year ago I started living with Matija (boyfriend) who didn’t make any problems with my three year old deaf albino cat MaliBu living with us.. At one point I mentioned hedgies and for the first time someone liked idea of adopting spikey little creature.. Matija wanted us to adopt an albino hedgie because we had albino cat.. We even started collecting money so we could buy one in future (it’s not only hedgie, we needed a cage too).. My friend Neda knew about our dream to have a hedgie, so when she heard that her friend Marija  wanted to find a new home for her 6 months old hedgie, she contacted me and we become carers of grumpiest hedgie ever.. Хвала Недо и Марија :D This hedgie wasn’t albino as Matija wanted, so his only condition was that he gives him a new name – Momčilo Jež..   

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Spacer Woman

Being late with writing posts for this blog become my habit.. In past year I had about 10 (probably more) photographed outfits I’ve sewed that never made it here (not to mentioned all other makes).. There is always something else I have to do before I leave home during day, and in the evening I’m too tired to think about writing anything, especially in English.. I’m aware that there’s alternative called instagram.. Being the one that made jokes about it, I’m still delaying to start showing my creative work and life on that media.. Until that happens, here’s a dress I made two months back when I realized that summer is coming to an end, and it was time to welcome autumn.. I started thinking about new, warmer clothes which was very hard on 30°C.. I came up with the idea of making a ¾ sleeve dress with hi-low hemline.. An easy make with a basic top pattern.. 

You might recognize the fabric.. It’s one of my favorite rayon fabrics I’ve ever worked with.. I love all the colors, the print, and the softness it has.. It’s a pure pleasure to sew and wear.. This print looks good with simple silhouette I imagined for this dress.. I cut the basic top pattern at the waist, added gathered skirt and elastic to the waistline.. I had previously drafted hi-low hemline for this kind of a skirt (one of my past unpublished projects!).. After putting all pieces together something was missing.. Being covered with this print was too much for me, and then I came up with the idea of making a blue waistband.. I used leftover blue rayon fabric for it.. Interfacing made it stiffer, so the bow on the back looks nice.. On side seams of the dress I hand-sewed thread loops to hold waistband at one place.. I love when I come up with simple and easy makes which bring the most of fun print fabrics.. 

Friday, October 7, 2016


Every time when I come across yellow/mustard fabric I have to buy it.. In normal case I would rarely by polyester fabric, but this lovely romantic floral print I couldn’t ignore.. My first idea was to make a skirt with it.. Couple of months have passed, and I had another idea, this time for a dress.. I delayed for a few days with starting this project.. Which was good in this case.. I remembered a technique I completely forgot to use – lace insertion.. A year and a half ago I made a couple of garments using the technique (1, 2), and when I figured out a new way to play with fabric I completely forgot this one.. With this fabric white lace goes so well and makes it more special instead being only a simple floral dress.. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beli Dekolte

Recently my boyfriend’s grandma gave me a bunch of fabrics that she bought decades ago and kept until now.. I knew that in near future there will be a couple of family gatherings, and I simply decided to use those fabric to dress myself (kind of a challenge).. For the first occasion I decided to make a dress from this lovely white cotton fabric with print.. The print reminds mostly of snowflakes.. A bit strange for a summer dress, but I think that it altogether looks good.. Once again I delayed sewing dress until last moment.. It’s good that I had a whole day because putting together all these pieces took me more time than I anticipated.. 

This time I didn’t have a clear idea which dress I would love to make.. The width of this fabric is only 80 cm, and I had only 2 m of length.. Not much to work with.. I remembered that I liked dress pattern #111 from Burda 07/2016 (A, B) and decided to try something new.. After tracing all pattern pieces I was sure that for the pleated skirt I needed more fabric.. That’s why I used only bodice pieces, and made a pleated skirt with the fabric I had.. For bodice lining I used some white cotton leftover fabric (from the sheets I made recently).. I added pockets and finished the hemline of the skirt with bias tape.. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pinky's Dream

Two weeks ago I had free sewing time and I wanted to make a new everyday dress for myself.. In past few issues of Burda Style magazine there were a lot of patterns that I liked and I wanted to make immediately, so I had a little challenge to pick one.. I’ve already made a dress with cutouts, which I enjoy wearing, that’s why for my new project I picked pattern #112 fromBurda 06/2016.. Neckline for this dress is gorgeous and I wanted to make a version for myself.. Recently I bought this lovely pink fabric which turned out to be great for this dress.. It’s cotton with a bit of elastin, same type of fabric I used for my first dress with cutouts.. That tiny bit of elastin makes this dress very comfy.. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pass This On

I’ve already mentioned that in past few months I rarely find time to sew for myself.. Special occasions are usually the reason when I try to squeeze a few hours for selfish sewing and I always leave it for the last couple of hours until the event.. My high school best friend's wedding was one of those occasions and this is the dress I made in limited amount of time.. I had a very busy week and I delayed making the dress until Friday, and the wedding was on Saturday.. To be more precise, I started cutting the fabric at 19h on Friday, counting that 4 hours would be enough to finish sewing everything.. I already knew which fabric I wanted to use, and that strapless dress was the best choice for my fabric pick.. I needed a safe pattern because there was no time for mistakes.. 

My first choice was the pattern #107 from Burda 03/2010.. I’ve made a dress using that pattern before, and I know that the fit is great, but form my fabric choice I needed a simpler bodice.. It would be a shame to cut that beautiful flower print I used for the bodice.. That’s the reason I picked a pattern I used three times before (1, 2, 3).. It’s a pattern for bustier #124 from Burda 01/2012..  Six pieces for the bodice, and the print is saved.. The print was also the reason why I chose to place the invisible zipper at the left side instead at the back of the dress.. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016


 ♫ ♪ Death In Rome - Chandelier (Sia)
Song has been removed after publishing this post :( Another strange thing happen, this post was reverted to first version of draft, not by me.. I lost original text I wrote so I'm adding shorter version published on my profiles on Kollabora and BurdaStyle.. 

This dress is my new version of one of my favorite dresses I made a couple years ago.. I waited to find a fabric that would be interesting to use for this silhouette.. When I saw this stripy print fabric I immediately knew that it’s the one for my remake..  The fabric is lightweight cotton with print that creates stripes.. The print looks great looking up close.. The pattern for the dress is very easy to draft.. All that I needed was a pattern for a woven tank top that has only bust darts.. I wanted to play more with direction of stripes so I created yokes on front and back of the bodice.. Sleeves are just a rectangles.. The skirt is also made from two gathered rectangles.. On the waist seam I added elastic to create a nice silhouette and make it comfy to wear.. 

Behind the camera - мој Матија